Starting Out

Hello and welcome!

This blog has been set up to document and record the design process of  Project Plus.

The project takes its brief from the Microsoft Design Expo 2013 that enables students from across the world to consider people’s real needs and respond with a user experience prototype, and narrative that explains their thinking. It also creates a forum for spotlighting design, encouraging “out of the box” thinking, by exploring students’ visions for the future of computing as well as honing their presentation skills and engaging with students from other design teams from around the world.

The theme for this year is to look at how data can be made more efficient and build a better community, a world and a life in general.  How might data, particularly information that makes civic society run – bus schedules, election cycles, political information, first-hand reporting, volunteer logistics, sporting and media events – make for a better and more community oriented place to live?

How might this data help us understand the past, the present and predict the future with more precision, and how might an individual’s personal data be used to help filter and make information more relevant in different contexts or situations.

What are key problems this data can be used to help solve, what new troubles can we anticipate it creates?

The details of the entire Design Expo 2013 can be found here.

At this stage we have been looking consistently at various aspects of data, databases and prospective themes as well.

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