What’s Bothering You

After a couple of discussions on what were the prospective themes that we could look at, we decided to start our brainstorming with a statement ” What’s Bothering You” and we came up with some real problems that we were/may have been facing for sometime and began our discussions from there.

It was also essential for us, as a team, to work on a theme that not just bothered us but also interested and intrigued us as well. This would allow for us to have some strong views and perhaps allow us to change them as well, at some point. It could also help us to build some solutions that may probably hold stronger value at some point.

Our “Whats Bothering You” chart looked quite empty at the beginning but as we discussed further, we found a lot of things that were bothering us, and began to discuss them in depth, the value that the problem actually held and whether it was feasible for us to go ahead with it.

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