Visit to the Navrangpura Police Station, Ahmedabad


Navarangpura Police Station, Ahmedabad

(The written below entry is a first hand account of the visit to the Police Station)

Date: April 2, 2013

Time: 1930 – 2115 Hours

Objective: To get a feel of the Police Station and try and get to see the lodging of an FIR if possible. Also, to talk to policemen in general.

Our first field work exercise began with a visit to a Police Station at Ahmedabad. The Police Station we chose was one which we had never been to (individually or with someone at any point) so that we could with our heads clear and with some unfamiliarity as well.

The visit began with us entering the Police Station and trying to find someone to talk to, and find out where to get some information from. We were asked by an officer what our enquiry was and then we were directed to a Nagrik Seva Kendra, a brand new room outside the main Police Station but within the premises. The  Nagrik Seva Kendra (as we got to know later) is a place that has been setup within a reform scheme,  where a person can go to, to get some initial help and direction about what to do and how to do. The officer present, asked us the requirements, what exactly we wanted to know and asked us to ask questions.

As we spoke to Arvindbhai, we concentrated on getting information on things like the procedure for the filing of an FIR, the diference between and application and an FIR, the relationship between the public and the Police, the reasons for the public being scared of the Police . We also spoke to him about his background, what he thought personally and what could be looked at. Throughout the entire conversation, Arvindbhai was calm, collected and made no qualms about answering our queries and questions.

Navrangpura Notes-1

After our chat with Arvindbhai, we were directed  towards the main Police Station, where we were told someone would help us with some more queries, especially with understanding the FIR. We were made to sit and as we observed, the station was not a very busy one (at that time atleast), there were a large number of manforce that was around. The PSO was passing his orders and the work seemed to be happening quite in sync.

We were then introduced to a Head Constable, Narendra Singh Chauhan who asked us our requirements and began answering our questions through the example of our own problem. He emphasized on the fact that evidence is the most important tool for any complaint/ case to be registered. He spoke to us very honestly on the issues of corruption, system level changes and diferences and that he as an individual had a goal that he wanted to achieve outside of the Police tag. The conversation took an interesting turn when he began to explain to us what the different kinds of businesses were, what could get maximum benefit for someone without an investment very big and what was an ideal way to work. He probed a lot into these facts and told us that the Amway Corporation was the only one that fit the bill. He asked us if we wanted a dealership of the same and earn profits. We were speechless.

Navrangpura Notes-2

It has already been quite a long time since we had been there, so we took our leave from the station.

The visit to the station painted a very rosy picture of the entire scenario and the force itself. Something we were not ready to accept, or rather not expecting.

The only Information Board in three languages.

The only Information Board in three languages.


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