Key Insights-1

At this junction of our research study, our key insights are based on the  conversations that we have had with officials of the Police and the various reports that we have read. To put them across clearly, they would mainly be:

  • Image Through Service Delivery- The image of the Police can improve only through a better service delivery, which in turn would ensure that people are happier with them, which automatically ensures a better relationship
  • The Police-Citizen Interaction- There are  various levels and channels of an interaction between the two and increasing OR decreasing these could have some major effects
  • The common citizen is/ could be unaware of  basic knowledge that s/he needs to know before and while filing an FIR
  • Community Policing as a concept from the citizen side and not just the Police would ensure some transparency.
  • Workload, Motivation, Corruption and Political Intervention are huge factors that play a role in performance of a policeman.



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