The Complaint Filing Process- In Todays Scenario

When we visited the Gaikwad Haveli Police Station, one of the main insights (upon observation) was the mammoth amount of paperwork to be done by Police officials in the event of a filing of a complaint. 

Stages of Complaint Filing

To put it in a procedural format, here is how it works:

1. The complaint is registered in the Station Register, once the Citizen talks to a Police Constable in the Police Station

2a.  After verifying and deciding the category of the complaint as Cognizable and Non Cognizable, the Non Cognizable complaint leads to a final Application / Report which is given to the Citizen.

2b. In the case of a Cognizable complaint, the report is registered as an F.I.R in the F.I.R register, and however the case progresses, the reports are filled in the Case Diary. The Case Diary has the entire details of case, including the Investigation Officer and the other officials handling the case. Once the criminals are caught, the entire details of him/them is written out in the Apprehended Form. 

3. In both cases (ie the F.I.R/ Non F.I.R) there is a record maintained in the Crime Record Book.

As we understood the process, we figured that the filling in needs to be done manually at every stage and there is a lot of repetition involved.

This is one of the major workloads of the Policemen. 


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