Visit to the Gaikwad Haveli Police Station

With the help of some Police officials at Gandhinagar, we got the opportunity to visit the Gaikwad Haveli Police Station, Ahmedabad. This Police Station is one of the four Police Stations of Ahmedabad, that has been chosen to be part of the pilot project that would digitise their database and carry out all process electronically, once set.


The aim of the visit was to understand the electronic filing process and what the various steps that need to be taken for the same. Also to understand what the interface is like, how  does it work and what else is done electronically in this particular Police Station.

However, the Police Station had only begun to digitise the database and the complaint filing process was not electronic yet. However, we took upon the chance to understand the entire filing process, the various stages it has to go through and through what all the Policeman needs to fill, read through and keep an account of.


We understood the various steps involved in the process, the space that its done in and some other things like storage, archival and documentation as well.

IMG_1248 IMG_1245 IMG_1240

After understanding the whole process, we drew a conclusion that the amount of paperwork involved from the beginning to the end is immense, and its a huge workload on the Policeman himself. Also the fact that in involvment from the citizen side is rather low.

The Gaikwad Haveli Police Station is also one where there is a proper system of acknowledgment of good work done by the Policemen of the station. There is also in place a feedback system which allows citizens to write in/ post their complaints towards the Police Station if not satisfied.

IMG_1321 IMG_1322 IMG_1323

This visit gave us an understanding of the actual process at the ground level even though we were not able to look at the electronic process. We were in a much better position to analyse and validate our understanding till now.


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