More Brainstorming

After the first level of Brainstorming, the second level was done to flesh out more ideas keeping in mind the various points discussed earlier. The question to answer was “How Do You Make the Citizen Feel More Comfortable and Build A Smooth Process for Him”.  This activity (in a very interesting manner) put the Ideal Scenario Map also into being (which was drafted around the same time, but separately). From this, rose one of the concepts that we could take further or we could detail out.

Another idea was to see how we could try and combine various suggested interventions and how would they function in totality within the system. One way of looking at it was to see how could you make the system more transparent through a media that allowed the interaction of both parties as well as reduce the workload of a Policeman.

IMG_1384 lr IMG_1383 lr IMG_1382 lr IMG_1381 lr IMG_1380 lr


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