The Ideal Scenario

After a lot of discussion, brainstorming and endless silent conversations within the self and each other, Akshan drew out The Ideal Scenario Map, putting together how we would like the system to function in a utopian scenario. This Ideal Scenario Map put a lot of things into place, showed ways that the paperwork and filing work could be reduced by interventions at various levels (that would be synced with each other)

In this map, the two scenarios of visiting a Police Station to report a complaint, and the case of the optional reporting through other media or locations are shown. The entire process of reporting and further filing a complaint with respect to every stage within every stage. It also fleshes out the entire process, and how various levels of manual filing are replaced through the digital medium and are synced within the system. It also shows how things information like dissemination to a citizen at the point of interaction, a feedback mechanism that becomes a rewarding system could work within the system, the follow up system and how it would work are shown.


The Ideal Scenario- Sketched Draft

The digitised version of the Ideal Scenario.



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