Fighting The Fight- Some Questions We Are Unable To Answer

From the time we started our in-depth research, gathering insights and analyzing the problem areas , there have been couple of questions that we have not been to answer or those that are constantly been on our minds as concerns within the decision making process. These could be summed up as:

1. The Level Of Intervention: What is the level we should be looking to intervene? Zoom into a particular focus area of work around the entire system?

2. The Here and Now or the Future: What is the timeline to be focussed on? How do we decide whether to work on possible solutions for the here and now or look at solutions that will be for the future with respect to technology and medium?

3. The Issue of Verification: For any complaint to be filed as an F.I.R, it needs to be verified.  How does this verification take place if the whole process is automated?

4. The Point Of View: A classic question of whose POV to look at the problem from and build solutions for? The Policeman or the Citizen?

5. Balance: If the POV of both are taken into consideration, how to make sure that there is a balance achieved for the cause of both stakeholders?

6. The Interaction Layer: An important observation in the study is that the interaction between the Policeman and the citizen is critical and its mandatory at certain levels to incorporate this.

7. Decision Making: How does an automated procedure cater to the decision making that is done by a human? Would it be correct to allow this to happen? If not, how do you ensure that a Policeman does not influence the citizen?

These questions and more are something we are still trying to answer. 

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