The Big Screen- Mapping it Out Entirely

Taking things ahead from our last focus point of a Service Based Solution for the entire system, we built it further. We collated our final insights, what we want to be looking at finally and trying to fight the questions we have been trying to answer. We fleshed out the entire details and figured out how it would work. The entire system, its operation, the various touchpoints within the suggested service system.

So, what is this BIG SCREEN?

Taking a cue from the insight that a citizen cannot particularly see or know what is happening during the process of reporting/ filing a complaint, how things are recorded and how he does not know anything about the Policeman he is interacting with, the Big Screen is an interactive platform (a surface table/ a surface wall) that • allows the citizen to look at/ do the process alongside a Policeman, at a scale that is large enough to see  • allows both the parties to look at each others credentials and details • allows citizen to submit evidence live, in the form of photos/videos/audio statements • makes the policemans job a lot easier with respect to his workload and paperwork. • there is an option of language choice available  • allows citizen to give feedback on his entire service

This Big Screen is the tool available at the Police Station, but before heading there, a citizen could also use a tool (an app on his smartphone) or go to a peripheral service that allows him to interact with an application that begins the process of reporting a crime. This guides him through the entire process and is in sync with the nearest Police System.

So the scenario is such that there could be two ways, 1. A report from an app 2. A report directly at the Police Station. In both cases, the citizen needs to visit the Police Station, and further interact with the Big Screen.

This includes various details, stages and scenarios within the process. Along with that we also tried to answer a lot of questions that cropped up. Some of them we were not able to answer because they were fundamentally things that we were not able to decide (Will the Police harass the citizen?, How will where be training for everyone?, How does the system decide for the citizen?)

Working of Wall

Working of The Big Screen

Next we are trying to build the various scenarios within the system that would detail the decision making of the Citizen.

We also looked at why The Big Screen was something that tried to solve a problem like this, what were its advantages for the whole process?

The Big Screen


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