Feedback Day

With MP Ranjan at BMW

Sketching the policing system, with MP Ranjan

Topic selected. Research done. Key insights gathered. And we leaped. Created an ideal scenario of how the police system should work. We had our system in place but felt the “flow” missing. We needed validation and had to make sure that what we were doing is headed somewhere. After consulting our guide Rupesh Vyas, we wrote to our Microsoft liaisons Justin George and Nithin Ismail to get their feedback on our progress, contacted Bhaskar Bhatt (Product Design) to get some insights on system design and the way forward, and then caught with Prof MP Ranjan at the BMW for some conversation on design thinking in this sticky domain.We’re trying to resolve our conflicts of what issues to tackle, whether to look at the system as a whole or narrow down to a specific problem and concentrate on conceptualizing to solve it. Some of the issues get crossed out because of the brief, which requires us to make use of ambient data so we would have to be dealing with the behaviour and perception of a community rather than the interaction between a single citizen and policeman.

From the feedback we got, it seems like we’ve got quite a bit to do. Bhaskar’s feedback would help us create solution bank and then choose the most critical ones to solve. Ranjan again, talked about mapping out as many design opportunities as possible after a thorough understanding of the system, even if we can’t design for all of them–we would leave behind mapped opportunities for others to take up.

Next task is to get the user personas up on the blog. Then, identify individual problems and conceptualize in order to tackle those specific issues.


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