A New Name. A New Identity.

After deciding the final solution, the next step we took was to design the identity for Plus. Our keywords were the Police, the Citizen, the connection, a navigation tool, a companion, community building.  Looking at various forms, abstract representations and colour representations, after building some options, we froze on one for a while.


2         1a

1        3


But as we looked at it more and more, we started to question whether it made sense to the entire concept or not. Was it giving the first impression of something else? Was a connect being drawn with what we were looking to focus on? We also got some feedback and thoughts about it from some classmates and realised that it was something that may not  work.


It was then decided, that we needed an update on the name of the solution. Perhaps a name that would draw a better connect to the concept.

We thought of names that could suit the solution. Some that came up were silly, funny but some made sense. We decided to name our app PoliCiti, coming from Police and Citizen, which is what the app is meant to do, connect the two better. It was critical to keep it simple and clean, because of the size of the icon on the screen of a phone would be small and not allow for any major detailing. It was also important to keep in the mind the colour of the identity, because it would have to be soothing and calming the citizen, when he looks at it and uses. The colour scheme would also define the look and feel of the interface we were looking to build next.



We are currently working on the final identity of PoliCiti.

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