It’s not over yet!

The fact that this blog post is written so late goes to show how awestruck we have been by the entire experience.  What started of as a classroom project has now turned into something we think of and want to improvise everyday. Project Plus has been a beautiful mix of so many things.

Design research, Insights and their correct application, a Systems approach, User Experience (very basic level) on an academic end and  script writing, presentation-giving, sharing ideas and thoughts on the other. If there was something to highlight it would be LEARNING! In all caps and bold. The project allowed us to think beyond what we would or could have, explore uncomfortable areas and gain huge amounts of experiences and exposure that we could have never done otherwise.

The project also gave us the opportunity to collaborate and work with people with various skill sets from all over the country and the world. We’re very grateful to all those who helped us in building and making PLUS. Jaimeen, the super-awesome-illustrator-who-can-give-anyone-a-run-for-their-money-and-still-be-so-awesome for making the most brilliant illustration on our scenarios, Sankeerth who handled the PoliCiti concept and brought it to reel life, Rahul and Stuti, who developed PoliCiti all the way from Singapore and made it available for us to show as a prototype. Mathias Rodriguez who allowed us to use one of the most apt images of the Indian Police.  Officials from the BPR&D Department, Delhi for sharing and explaining everything to be able to call it ‘Research’. Thank you for everything!

A big thank you to 

Rupesh, our project mentor and guide for all the support and encouragement throughout till the last day, Nithin from Microsoft India for cheering us all along the course of the Project , Roshini for making sure we didn’t strangle each other while we worked on the project, Bulbul and Akshay for the ‘Samay’ times. MP Ranjan for giving us new insights, Bhaskar Bhat for the one session on systems that will always be embedded in the head,  the entire PD batch 2011 who patiently sat through our project presentation, classmates, friends and family who believed in the cause and the many others who’ve supported and helped PLUS all along.

Microsoft for giving us this opportunity and supporting us ! We loved every bit of the Design Expo. Thank you!

Finally, if you’re someone who have any idea, comments or feedback to share, please do write into us and we’d love to talk!

Ok, its not over yet, PLUS has a long long way to go. We’ve just about started with things in real time. Keep watching this space for more!



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