Presentation at the Design Expo

Presenting PoliCiti at the “World” stage in the Kodiak room at the Microsoft Conference Center in Redmond. Goofups and awesomeness galore! The jury had some interesting things to say, and questions that put parts of our project in perspective for us. I think it was the first time either of us went up on a stage this big. Quite a bit to reflect up on, but it gives us immense confidence to move forward.


And here we go!

Our flight to Seattle is tonight, and we’re bloody excited about the Design Expo, and visiting the United States in general. Its a rather crazy feeling. We’re all pumped up and can’t seem to contain our excitement. Why should we anyway?

So we’ve gotten from frustration about fixing incandescent lamps on bamboo sticks and 40 hours of our extremely patient friend Jaimeen illustrating the scenario videos…

2013-05-07 17.15.31 copy

… to


PoliCiti Concept Video

Concept video for PoliCiti. An application designed to run on mobile phones as well as public devices (ATMs, e-seva kendra, etc) based on open data that makes the police complaint filing process more citizen-centric, and gives the citizens evidence to demand a better policing system in India.

And we’re going to Redmond!

See you in Redmond-02News just came in last night. Project Plus is selected to represent NID at the Microsoft Research Design Expo 2013 in July at Redmond, WA. Wooooooot!

This is going to be some major fun! Thanks to everybody who helped and supported us! Jaimeen Desai definitely needs a special mention here for the scenario video, alongside Rupesh Vyas, whose enthusiasm and guidance was of paramount importance to us, these past six weeks.

So, see you in Redmond. Can’t wait!