And here we go!

Our flight to Seattle is tonight, and we’re bloody excited about the Design Expo, and visiting the United States in general. Its a rather crazy feeling. We’re all pumped up and can’t seem to contain our excitement. Why should we anyway?

So we’ve gotten from frustration about fixing incandescent lamps on bamboo sticks and 40 hours of our extremely patient friend Jaimeen illustrating the scenario videos…

2013-05-07 17.15.31 copy

… to



Meeting Rupesh in Delhi

After more than month and two video-rehearsals later, we met our Project Guide, Rupesh, this time in Delhi. We all took a look at our presentation again and Rupesh gave us feedback on, discussed what all could be reworked on and gave us suggestions on what else we could do.

Post discussions of logistics for Redmond, NID chit-chat and a cup of coffee, we also got our first team shot, right next to a picture of Eames. (Thanks to the strategically placed camera in the bookself of the office)

A very unsual guide meeting, to say the least. The countdown to Redmond has officially begun!

Gearing Up

So, we’re getting things organised for Design Expo 2013 at Redmond. Its beginning to get quite exciting. Travel plans, Presentation recording, time limits et all.

Have a look at the Poster and Project Summary that we’ve done for the Expo.

MSR_ProjectPlus_Summary_10 MSR_ProjectPlus_Summary_7

And we’re going to Redmond!

See you in Redmond-02News just came in last night. Project Plus is selected to represent NID at the Microsoft Research Design Expo 2013 in July at Redmond, WA. Wooooooot!

This is going to be some major fun! Thanks to everybody who helped and supported us! Jaimeen Desai definitely needs a special mention here for the scenario video, alongside Rupesh Vyas, whose enthusiasm and guidance was of paramount importance to us, these past six weeks.

So, see you in Redmond. Can’t wait!

The Bangalore Chapter

26. The number of hours it took us to get to Bangalore from Ahmedabad in a long and Akshay Kumar movie filled bus journey. It passed. Enthusiastic and all set for a final presentation, we met the other teams that were part of the presentation that evening and gave a last minute check to our presentation and video and took a goodnights rest.

We headed out early next morning for our final presentation. The presentation felt like a grand affair. We were called to the conference room and asked to setup and make final arrangements. We were also (finally) introduced to Nithin and Justin from Microsoft India and who were the liasons for all teams and the jury for the Indian chapter. We also met Dr. Bibhudutta Baral, who was the Project Head at NID Bangalore.

Next, the presentations began. Armed with strong research and great presentations, all the teams had some novel and intriguing projects that came out. Teams presented through wonderful scenarios and solutions. It was a LOT to digest for one afternoon. It was wonderful to  see how projects were taken forward.


Presentations about to kick off


Team Tandem

It was finally our teams turn. We were quite excited to present Plus to the jury. We started our presentation with an introduction, further explaining the background, the scenarios we looked at and finally the evolution of our suggested solution. There were some technical glitches which got us slightly unnerved but we did manage to keep that behind and continue. Presenting our project to the entire audience and the jury gave us a lot of confidence about the project and our proposed solution. We also met Praveen Nahar from the NID Paldi Campus who shared some interesting stories!


Us, explaining our system map

Our final presentation

We also explained our scenario and proposed solution better with an animated video that we made over the past few days.

We received some interesting response after the presentation and some good feedback to. We had done it! What a wonderful experience it was to present Plus. The final results will be out soon!