Hello, Seattle


First view

We’re here and it’s lovely, to say the least. Pretty darn excited and very very jetlagged. Couldn’t help but take Seattle -and -the -clouds shots from the sky. More on what’re upto  very very soon. 🙂Image


And here we go!

Our flight to Seattle is tonight, and we’re bloody excited about the Design Expo, and visiting the United States in general. Its a rather crazy feeling. We’re all pumped up and can’t seem to contain our excitement. Why should we anyway?

So we’ve gotten from frustration about fixing incandescent lamps on bamboo sticks and 40 hours of our extremely patient friend Jaimeen illustrating the scenario videos…

2013-05-07 17.15.31 copy

… to


PoliCiti Concept Video

Concept video for PoliCiti. An application designed to run on mobile phones as well as public devices (ATMs, e-seva kendra, etc) based on open data that makes the police complaint filing process more citizen-centric, and gives the citizens evidence to demand a better policing system in India.

Meeting Rupesh in Delhi

After more than month and two video-rehearsals later, we met our Project Guide, Rupesh, this time in Delhi. We all took a look at our presentation again and Rupesh gave us feedback on, discussed what all could be reworked on and gave us suggestions on what else we could do.

Post discussions of logistics for Redmond, NID chit-chat and a cup of coffee, we also got our first team shot, right next to a picture of Eames. (Thanks to the strategically placed camera in the bookself of the office)

A very unsual guide meeting, to say the least. The countdown to Redmond has officially begun!

Gearing Up

So, we’re getting things organised for Design Expo 2013 at Redmond. Its beginning to get quite exciting. Travel plans, Presentation recording, time limits et all.

Have a look at the Poster and Project Summary that we’ve done for the Expo.

MSR_ProjectPlus_Summary_10 MSR_ProjectPlus_Summary_7